Listen to the Music of the Polygons!

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The Elementary Edition

A ball bouncing around inside a polygon makes a sound whenever it hits a side.
Or does the side make the sound when the ball hits it?

PolygonJazz demo reel

The demo is just a small slice of what Jazz can do...

  • You can ramp the beat up to hundreds of beats per minute or slow it down to produce a pleasing ambient soundscape. Faster tempos create lots of energy, even Joy!
  • You control the tempo and the starting angle of the ball with gestures, which determine the flow, resulting in practically unlimited variation. Sound Patterns can be highly regular or very complex.
  • You can play with a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, or dodecagon.

In one mode, real piano notes are used. In 'Synth' mode, sides have harmonic fractional synthetic tones. Check out our FAQ and Help pages below.

This 'Elementary Edition' retains the state of each polygon, but doesn't allow for collections of polygon songs (such as in PolygonFlux's Album of fluxes).

Technically speaking, PolygonJazz generates arpeggios and other musical sequences using the geodesic flow inside a regular polygon. Our popular app PolygonFlux fully explores the geometry of Polygon Billiards.

This is such a cool app, thank you! My entire family loves your apps!
— Dr. Oleg Gleizer, Chief Curriculum Developer, Los Angeles Math Circle, UCLA

Each polygon presents a dynamic combination of Geometry and Sound
you have to see and hear to believe!

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